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Planning Solutions for People + Place + Planet

Symbioscity works with our clients and partners - including cities, neighborhoods, organizations, and regions - to plan for and implement a more sustainable future.

We specialize in bringing together civic engagement, public policy, and urban design.

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A community is made up of many different types of people. The needs of all should be considered and voices provided for the voiceless. We all benefit more from collaboration than confrontation. Working together builds strong, healthy, and vibrant communities.



Truly great places speak for themselves through their character and design. The way in which we plan, build, and move around our communities defines the sense of place. As places grow, they should develop a patina that reflects authenticity.



Many different people live in many different places, but we all share one planet. Wise stewardship of all of our resources - natural, human, fiscal, and otherwise - is smart for us, smart for our children, and yes, smart for the planet too.

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Our Services

Symbioscity offers services in urban planning and design, community involvement, and consensus building.


Our Portfolio

Our diverse skill set fosters a collaborative approach to create plans which are not only comprehensive, but also destined for implementation.